DJs for Jewish weddings

Over the decade we have been in business we have built a team of the absolute best DJs for Jewish weddings, our DJs have been carefully selected and there an numerous abilities and traits that make a good wedding DJ a great one, these include:

Years of knowledge:

As our DJs have provided for weddings for decades they know the music that is sure to get people up and dancing, also how to choose music for a variation of ages attending its so important to get this right as all members of the family from young to old need to be considered when choosing music.

Reading the crowd:
One of the most important factors when DJing is to read the crowd and see how the guests react to certain songs if the crowds react well to particular songs the DJ will play more of those type of songs. All our DJs for jewish weddings will read the crowd on your wedding day which is vital for a successful night.

Enthusiasm for their job:

A DJs enthusiasm on the night will reflect on the music chosen on the night, our DJs are highly enthusiastic and love their jobs this also creates more enjoyment when planning and working with our DJs.

Mixing skills:

Our DJs mix and blend songs to ensure there are no gaps in the music, pauses or silences throughout your wedding.

Likeable personalities:

Our DJs are approachable and friendly. They will be happy to take requests from your guests and will ensure you are completely comfortable when working together.

Smart and presentable:

Appearance matters and all our DJs are highly presentable wearing a suit on your wedding day.

State of the art equipment:

Our DJs for Jewish weddings always use the best equipment to ensure the job is completed to the best possible standards, high quality equipment is also at lower risk of breaking down, our DJs do also hold backup equipment on the day of your wedding encase of unlikely failures.


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